Choose Talent Carefully

  • Posted 12-04-2018

Every bit of talent that we bring into a good organization is going to make a difference, so choose that talent carefully.

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What’s Really Important In Your Life?

  • Posted 11-24-2018

It’s been several weeks since my last video and that’s due to some significant personal events in my life. This message is one that I hope you’ll value during the holidays – and all year long.


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Talent: All Factors Must Be Considered

  • Posted 09-12-2018

While looking at talent, one of the mistakes we make is we all too often focus just on that job; that immediate need that we have. The reality is that we must consider the entire until when making the decision.


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Balance: The Secret to Employee Engagement

  • Posted 07-05-2018

Nothing we do in business, nothing we try to differentiate in the market place, nothing in our long-term strategy can or should be attempted without understanding and living the delicate balance of talent and people.

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  • Posted 02-23-2018

Welcome to the CNESTA Blog. We will have more articles posted shortly.

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