Balance: The Secret to Employee Engagement

  • Posted: 07-05-2018
  • By: Kevin Fitzpatrick

People are the critical element that truly drives most businesses although all too often we lose sight because of other areas of the business need attention now, putting out fires or responding to a “crisis du jour.” However, when we fail to circle back and appreciate how each of these distractions or issues have an impact on the talent within an organization is when we find ourselves surprised or off-balance with employee relations, morale, development and the mutual commitment essential to building a strong business.

This is not an issue or opportunity that is owned by any one function within a business, but it is something that is in the very DNA of your Company. As such, everyone owns it, drives it and is affected both negatively and if taken to heart, positively. It is the people that make the difference because nothing we do in business, nothing we try to differentiate in the market place, nothing in our long-term strategy can or should be attempted without understanding and living the delicate balance of talent and people. Picture a scale, on the left are people, on the right are results… how can you measure up and deliver your absolute potential if you do not find the proper balance?

I challenge you to consider the balance between talent and function. Learn more in this video.

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