When It Comes To Finding Talent, It’s Not A Buyer’s Market

  • Posted: 06-20-2018
  • By: Kevin Fitzpatrick

As we enter the third quarter of this fiscal year, we are experiencing record low unemployment rates. Just like real estate, it’s not a buyer’s market.

You must have a clear direction within the organization with proactive processes that invest in the internal employee development succession to guarantee retention of your team. 

Here are a few processes to consider:

  • Adding consistent talent reviews to leadership meetings, beyond managerial levels
  • Holding leaders accountable for employee development and retention as well as engagement
  • Developing robust communication plans with all employees
  • Requiring monthly or quarterly career/development discussions
  • Introducing voluntary development seminars, lunch and learns, etc.
  • Providing incentives around retention 
  • Recognizing employee milestones and gather their input on motivation

If you are proactive and have these processes in place you can respond better to the needs of your organization.

Learn more in this video: 

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