Top Three Hiring Mistakes Businesses Make

  • Posted: 07-18-2018
  • By: Kevin Fitzpatrick

In today’s competitive talent market, hiring managers can make grave mistakes. Here are the top three mistakes I see often.

Hiring Too Quickly

We’ve all been there. We need to fill a position and we accelerate the process to get a body in a seat. In the wise words of Dr. Phil… ‘how’s that working for you?’

You must take the time to get the right person in the right seat who is the right fit for your company. Don’t shortcut this step. It bites you every time.

Hiring To Job Description Rather Than Culture

The success of your employee is dependent on how well they fit your company culture. Skills and capability are critical to success but so is fit. Some skills can be trained and with that training, there is often commitment.  It’s more important that your employee feel like he or she is a part of something bigger – and an active participant in the greater good of the company. It is equally important that as the employer, you made the “complete” choice and not just filled a job.

Hire and Ignore – Failure to Engage Post Hire

Selecting a strong candidate alleviates some pressure, but it is only part of the solution. It’s just the beginning and hopefully, it is a long courtship to mutually success. However, working together to identify, develop and deliver a development strategy is key to realizing the rewards of that mutual engagement…everybody wins.

This requires processes that invest in employee development. You can learn more about these processes in this post.

An employee is an investment, not an expense. Treat talent as an investment and reap the rewards. 

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