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The Cnesta Search Model is a retained service approach to search for key positions.  Our focus is to deliver a comprehensive and positive experience for both clients and candidates that provides the following all-inclusive services for each search.

The Cnesta Group Search Model was built on the premise that the selection of the candidate to hire for a position within your organization is a critical but not final step in the search process.

Instead, the Model provides post hire assessment, assimilation and coaching.  The coaching process will typically pertain to the initial 3-4 months in the role but could extend to six (6) months as needed.  The Cnesta consultant will continue to follow up or “check-in” quarterly through the first year to assist the successful hire with their integration into your company culture and their new role. 

In depth discussions, and where practical, on-site visits with customers to learn about ‘the business’, identify desired profile and gain appreciation for the culture to expedite the selection process. Specific and detailed questions are provided in advance to the customers.

  • Preparation of and/or revisions to the job description
  • Summarize unique profile characteristics and or desired competencies as appropriate
  • Source potential candidates through various networks, social media, proprietary databases and direct calls
  • Multi-tier interviews including initial screening, in depth discussions and where possible pre-referencing
  • Every candidate is met in face to face interviews utilizing on-line video discussions or direct meetings where practical
  • Multiple assessment tools are utilized and may vary based on the positions, level, culture and profile. Assessments include:
    • Predictive Index
    • Business Values and Motivators (BVM)
    • Criteria One® DISC
    • ASSESS
  • Addendum prepared by a member of the Cnesta team to include:
    • General impression of the candidates from the in depth interview process
    • Highlights of accomplishments and/or unique programs/projects relevant to the search not evident in the resume
    • Career Chronology provides details specific to career progression and job changes
    • Summary of Assessments – specific key points identified giving insight to candidate’s competency, behavior and personality
    • Compensation – relevant compensation information for current and former position. Compensation history provided if requested by customer
  • Post-Selection Coaching -  a member of the Cnesta team will continue to work with the successful candidate following their acceptance of their new role to assist with integration into position and culture
    • Assessment Development report is generated highlighting specific needs and/or recommendations.  The report also provides confidential online access to goal setting action plans and diverse resources
    • Leadership or where practical functional assimilation process conducted and summarized by Cnesta consultant
    • Scorecard for Success
      • Review of goals and objectives for new role
      • Unforeseen challenges
      • Individual Development plan (IDP) from Assessment Development report
      • Assimilation output and relevant information
      • Action plan and timeline to address areas of concern, commitments and open items critical to candidate success