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A Cnesta Consultant will work directly with your employees to foster their development and/or address specific areas of concern around performance, work habits, etc. Coaching provides high potential employees or candidates for succession with the formal support they may need to prepare them for their next opportunity.

Sometimes there is a need to address areas of concern or improvement that may impede advancement or even derail a person’s career.  The consultant will work closely with these employees to seek resolution.  The coaching process will include some or all of the following as a customized approach:

  • In depth discussion with the employee and his/her manager to clarify reason for coach.
  • Formal assessments focused on addressing key behaviors and competencies necessary for success
  • 360° Assessment as needed to identify actions from broader perspective(s)
  • Detailed action plan and follow up to address key areas identified or observed
  • Scorecard to present all relevant data, development, actions and dates critical to success

The Cnesta Consultant will meet directly with the employee in question at least monthly and will be available as needed to facilitate success of the employee.  These meetings/discussions will be conducted in-person where possible, via live videos and/or over the phone as appropriate.  Additional meetings and/or discussions can occur each month as need requires and schedules permit.