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CNESTA Group Search Model

The Cnesta Search Model is designed to extend service beyond search. We deliver the right candidate and provide support through assessments, coaching, on-boarding and where it makes sense, assimilation. Our commitment is to ensure the success of the new hire and increase your ROI. We believe that post selection service is a critical part of the search process. Please note the Cnesta Model is a “complete” process and there are no additional costs associated with the use of assessments, coaching or leadership assimilation.

We Want to Know About Your Organization:

A member of the Cnesta Group will visit with you and other key members of your organization that you designate to understand the history, structure, and operations and culture of your company. We ask your assistance in providing any relevant documents including compensation and benefit data, annual reports, product, or service, literature and organization chart.  It is our desire to be as knowledgeable as possible about your organization prior to discussing the position with the market and prospective candidates.

Search Process:

The search process includes multi-stage selection, interview and qualification that includes in-depth client discussions, multiple interviews and formal assessments (Predictive Index (PI), ASSESS). A thorough candidate presentation is provided that includes general impression, explanation of career choices, summary assessments and compensation details. Our goal is to deliver candidates that give the client an immediate choice and as such we are very particular. Typically, we present a few, very select candidates and the correct hire is made.

Post Selection Service Model

The Cnesta Search approach does not end with placement of the candidate. The Cnesta Group will provide all-inclusive post selection services to the successful candidate to enhance the experience and increase the probability of success.  We view an acceptance of the offer with your company as a critical and very important step in our approach, however, it is just the beginning. Once the successful candidate has accepted your offer of employment, Cnesta will generate an ASSESS Development Report and schedule an in-depth feedback discussion.

We follow up monthly as an unofficial “coach” to assist the successful candidate to strike a balance among ASSESS Individual Development Plan, Goals and KPIs and any unforeseen challenges or changes to the role over several months.  We are introducing a second follow up post-hire assessment that measures the quantifiable and qualitative aspects of motivation.

If the successful candidate is in a leadership role, we conduct the Leadership Assimilation Process and incorporate the feedback and commitments into the monthly coaching discussion.  We will also conduct a six month follow up if requested.

It is our role to deliver and support the new addition to your organization. The right talent can make a real difference for you.