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When managing our career, the singular constant we can all count on is change. At times that change may be unexpected and result in loss or transition in employment or an alteration to your expected career path. It is essential to obtain formal support that is specific enough to meet your needs. There are many good programs available; however, one size does not fit all.

We provide a personalized, coaching format to assist with managing your transition, regardless of your level in an organization. Our model is the result of collective experience gained from multiple leadership levels, candidates and working directly with and for traditional out placement providers.

Process is personal, confidential and designed to assist with establishing a sound foundation for your transition into the next chapter in your career.

  • One-on-one coaching through all stages of transition (timing and location to be determined)
  • Focus on your Personal Product Development to develop a stronger foundation to compete in the market
  • Prepare and/or review a formal resume and development of “your story”
  • Decide on a job search strategy:
    • Market approach
    • Job search
    • Networking
    • Postings
    • Recruiters
    • Apply direct
  • Formal pre-selection assessments to identify behaviors, strengths and areas of development. Assist with developing an action plan to address areas of concern and highlight key strengths
  • In-depth interview preparation including behavior based interviews and identifying any obstacles or pitfalls in response and presentation. Post interview de-brief and follow up also provided
  • Assistance with offer review and negotiation
  • Upon initiation of new role, coaching will continue for several months to assist with integration into new role, culture and career direction
  • Developmental assessment report provided with discussions around personal development (IDP), goals and action plans as appropriate

In some cases, companies may not provide individual career transition programs.  The Cnesta Transition Services Model is available for delivery in a group setting (5-15 per group presentation).  Each attendee to the program will receive initial one-on-one coaching specific to their needs and access to a Cnesta consultant as they conduct their job search and prepare for their next career opportunity. Program participants will also receive assistance with their resume, networking and a formal assessment report to assist with their presentation to the market.