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The importance of talent to the success of a company cannot be overstated, regardless of size or structure, and yet to many, talent is relative.  The Cnesta Group, LLC utilizes a consultative approach to the search and talent development experience that provides a service-driven solution.  Leading the team is J. Kevin Fitzpatrick who brings 30 years of HR, operations, executive search and talent management experience to the firm.

The Cnesta Search Model is a unique, all-inclusive approach that extends beyond what most search firms consider the completion of the search.  We utilize post-selection assessment reports with individual development plans, new leadership or key employee assimilation and one-on-one coaching with the new employee through several months in their new role.  The Cnesta consultant’s ongoing role is to assist with positive integration into the new organization, role and culture.

Since every HR decision affects the business at one level or another and every business decision affects human capital in one way or another, the Cnesta Service Model is designed to provide the right segue to deliver sustained success for your business and associates.

The Cnesta Group also provides assessment, coaching and assimilation programs independent of the search process as well as custom alternatives to traditional outplacement, partner transition services and an array of HR consulting options.