Soft Skills: Your Key to Career Success

  • Posted 01-31-2024

In today's competitive employment market, how you interact with others is just as important as what you know. Employers increasingly prioritize soft skills such as communication, teamwork, and adaptability in addition to technical talents. This blog post discusses the importance of soft skills and how you can use them to stand out in the job market.


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Hybrid Work Arrangements and Workplace Culture

  • Posted 09-15-2021

Recently, I've been asked about the impact of hybrid work arrangements on company culture. My answers to two frequently asked questions are below. Note that these are my own opinions and that there isn't a single approach that works for every hiring manager or organization.

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Commit to Leadership and Come Back Strong

  • Posted 10-14-2020

It goes without saying that these are uncertain times and everything seems to be changing rapidly. As business leaders, we must remember the one constant that will allow us to pull out of all this and come out on top: leadership. 


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Change is the New Constant

  • Posted 05-01-2020

Although we are getting closer to being able to reopen our businesses, it's important to remember there will be many changes and unknowns in the upcoming weeks, months, and even years. 

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Finding BALANCE in 2020: Part 2 - Affectivity

  • Posted 02-07-2020

In this video, I'm picking up where I left off last time in regards to the concept of BALANCE by focusing on the letter A for Affectivity. Listen in as I describe what affectivity is, how it applies to your organization, and why it's essential.

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What You Should Know When Firing Talent

  • Posted 11-20-2019

When it comes to talent, we often spend the bulk of our time focusing on the positive aspects of it, such as recruiting effectively and retaining employees. However, there is another part to the talent equation we don't always pay enough attention to -- firing. 

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Why Effective Talent Acquisition Begins with You

  • Posted 09-25-2019

Effectively identifying and bringing the very best individuals into your organization - those that are going to make the team more efficient, more productive, and deliver better results for the company overall - has to start with YOU. 

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An Important Lesson for Business Growth

  • Posted 09-11-2019

I was recently involved in a bad accident which taught me an invaluable lesson about the importance of having quick reaction and response times. This lesson can be used by business owners who wish to grow their companies by improving their reactions and response times. 

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Talent Management: Be Proactive, Not Reactive

  • Posted 07-24-2019

Let's face it - with unemployment at record low levels, it's not a "buyer's market" for talent. Being proactive in your hiring process and talent retention strategy is essential for any organization.

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BALANCE: The Evolving Role of Human Resources

  • Posted 07-10-2019

In today’s organizations, Human Resources continues to evolve from a pure “personnel” department into a more visible, influential role. Achieving BALANCE affects top-line growth and bottom-line results that are sustainable.

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What Arthur Ashe Can Teach Us About Leadership

  • Posted 06-26-2019

The late tennis great, Arthur Ashe, once said, "Start where you are. Use what you have. Do what you can." In today's video, I touch on a few ways we can apply his inspirational words to our own journeys as we strive to become more positive and effective leaders.

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Lack of Talent: Should You Be Worried?

  • Posted 05-15-2019

Should businesses be concerned about losing staff? Kevin Fitzpatrick outlines why people are more likely to leave a job due to poor leadership over nearly any other reason.

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Going Beyond Acquring the Right Talent

  • Posted 02-21-2019

In this industry, we often say, "The right talent makes a difference," and it really does. However, it's also good to keep in mind that the right talent only makes a difference if, as leaders, we are flexible enough to benefit from the value these people bring to the organization.

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Choose Talent Carefully

  • Posted 12-04-2018

Every bit of talent that we bring into a good organization is going to make a difference, so choose that talent carefully.

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Balance: The Secret to Employee Engagement

  • Posted 07-05-2018

Nothing we do in business, nothing we try to differentiate in the market place, nothing in our long-term strategy can or should be attempted without understanding and living the delicate balance of talent and people.

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