What Makes Cnesta Group Unique

  • Posted 11-11-2020

Kevin Fitzpatrick, Founder of Cnesta Group, shares a short commercial he recorded for The Conference for Women. He explains the Cnesta approach to search any why it is unique in the industry.

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The Changing Foundation of Leadership

  • Posted 06-10-2020

As business leaders, regardless of industry or function, we are responsible for ROI across the organization. We are all dealing with a scenario that had not been anticipated and for which most of us were unprepared. 

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How a 6-Pack Relates to a Career Transition Plan

  • Posted 05-28-2020

At Cnesta Group, we use what we call a "6-Pack" Process, that is designed to help individuals and businesses during times of transition. It is a process that you may find helpful for developing a plan as you transition to a post-COVID-19 career or business reopening. I will explain how it works...

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Competence is Key to Moving Forward

  • Posted 04-15-2020

As we continue to move forward through this pandemic, we must remember that things are changing and will keep changing. Our levels of competence are more important than ever before. Changes are already taking shape for how we will do business and how we will lead our employees after this is complete.  

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Staying Positive While Working From Home

  • Posted 04-01-2020

Many of us are working from home now, but knowing we're not alone in this can be helpful. Kevin shares some positive thoughts and best wishes as we all keep moving forward through this pandemic.

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