How a 6-Pack Relates to a Career Transition Plan

  • Posted: 05-28-2020
  • By: Kevin Fitzpatrick

At Cnesta Group, we use what we call a "6-Pack" Process, that is designed to help individuals and businesses during times of transition. It is a process that you may find helpful for developing a plan as you transition to a post-COVID-19 career or business reopening. I will explain how it works...

Simply take a sheet of paper and mark off six sections. You will fill in each box with the information that is relevant to your situation:

  1. Accomplishments and successes
  2. Strengths and characteristics that differentiate you from your competition
  3. Your vision
  4. Challenges and obstacles to address
  5. The segue, or the "why"
  6. How you are going to get it done

Put it all together, and you have a layout for your new plan.

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