Our Firm

The Cnesta Group was established to address what we consider to be a much needed change in the external talent acquisition process. We are taking a very different approach, one focused on service and delivery to both customers and candidates alike. The Cnesta Group approach returns the process to the basics of what it really means to identify, attract and sustain the right talent within a business. We add multiple assessments, custom presentation, development reports and coaching for success as part of our commitment to provide a more complete process.

What is "Cnesta"? Cnesta is from Old Irish and means healed, returned to its proper form which matches our commitment to our customers and candidates. The term Cnesta has often been used to convey a core Celtic value of Honesty with the message sometimes expressed as guilelessness, openness and friendliness in dealing with others. When making an investment in the search and development of talent this core value should be reflected in the process, partnership and results.

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