Transition Coaching


We provide a personal and custom approach to guide key employees and executives through their career transition most often as they exit an organization or in some cases transition within an organization. Everyone is unique and our process is customized to individual needs and delivered by a Cnesta consultant or partner at the location of choice.  The candidate will receive one-on-one consultation as frequently and for as long as needed. Your Cnesta consultant is available to you seven days a week at a time that is most convenient for you. There is no limit to the number of sessions with your consultant.

The service is designed to assist with the personal product development so critical to and yet often ignored as we progress through our careers. The process will include formal assessments, resume development and review, interview preparation and assistance with network development. Regardless of the reasons why an individual is in career transition, one-on-one coaching is critical to their moving forward and getting back on track with their career. Cnesta Group will deliver service directly or through association with Transition Partners Group.




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