CriteriaOne® is a proven hiring system developed by Success Performance Solutions, a thought leader in the employee assessment industry. It is based on a Whole Person Approach to employee selection and retention. At its foundation is the fact that no single assessment can provide enough insight into a candidate's behavior or job fit to predict future performance. Success Performance Solutions is unique in its mastery of assessments and integration of the right battery of tests exploring each final candidate's strengths and potential performance challenges. In addition to job fit, these assessments also look at team fit and company culture fit. (A few examples of the type of testing we use: ASSESS®, Business Values and Motivators (BVM) and CriteriaOne® DISC.)

Assessing crucial competencies predict success or failure in your organization. The Cnesta team will assess innate characteristics, general reasoning, experience and skills, as well as intangibles like personality style and culture fit.

Listed below are a few examples of the type of testing we use:

·       ASSESS® professional assessments evaluate every critical ingredient – thinking, working and relating style – and then compares these results to our large database of top performers in similar roles. ASSESS® identifies and prioritizes candidates with the right fit and this includes job role, company and culture.

·       Business Values and Motivators (BVM) identifies what a candidate values. People are motivated by what they value. The results of the BVM reveal if the candidate will be motivated by the role or job and fit within the culture of the company. For companies who can personalize benefits and individualize management style, BVM provides a blueprint for engaging employees.

·       CriteriaOne® DISC looks at how a candidate will approach people and projects. Unlike the ASSESS® tool which measures personality traits, DISC assesses behavioral style. In other words, ASSESS® reveals "can" the candidate do the job and DISC reveals "how" they will do it.



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