Assimilation Process

Our process assists with the introduction and communication of a new leader or key individual contributor with their team, staff or peers. Typically a program will last one-half day but may vary depending on the company and expectations of participants to a company and the team with which they will be working.  It is intended to provide a forum to develop an open discussion around operating styles, expectations, communication patterns and priorities so that they may address challenges and or opportunities to quickly work together.

The Cnesta consultant will seek to facilitate an open and honest forum to effectively address critical business needs and issues, concerns, expectations and opportunities as the new employee is introduced. The Cnesta consultant will meet with the hiring manager and new employee as needed to address any specific concerns or issues upfront that should be raised to increase the ease of the process. The Cnesta consultant will work with the new hire to develop an action plan to address issues, commitments and open items. The assimilation process for new employees should be part of a more extensive on boarding approach within your organization. Our Cnesta team provides this.



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